Volume 2: December 1, 2015

First, Thank You

A BIG thank you to those teachers who allow us to come into your rooms and try new things!

Socratic Seminar with Todaysmeet.com

This past month we had the opportunity to get into classrooms grade 3 through high school and run technology infused Socratic Seminars! The goal of a Socratic seminar is to get students talking and understanding a text at a deeper level. Since class sizes averaged around 28 or more, we did the fishbowl model with the seminar. The smaller circle of students sat inside having an out-loud conversation while the outside circle had a conversation online, utilizing the “Today’s Meet” website.

Student feedback has been positive, saying they would love to switch roles and try this seminar again and teachers are excited about trying this strategy again.

What topic would you use in a Socratic Seminar with your class?

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*Computer Science Week and Hour of Code Are Coming*

We have some exciting things planned in celebration of Computer Science next week! We will be heading into classrooms to begin Code.org lessons. We will also have guest speakers coming around to sites to share their Computer Science story and how they use they use Computer Science in their field.

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