INSIGHT Magazine - Winter Issue

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Welcome to the second edition of ICHK’s student-published magazine.

Following the first edition, we have decided that INSIGHT will be a termly published magazine. During the first term of the 2018-2019 school year, many students have put together many fantastic pieces to be featured in this edition. These range from SRC editorials, Sports Reporting, Creative Writing, Event Reflections and classwork pieces.

Thanks for reading our magazine and hope you’ll be back for the next edition...

- Charlotte Cheung and Lucia Pareja Lopez, Editors

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Every year, students from all around Hong Kong participate in the HKYWA. The HKYWA is a short story competition where students may submit Fiction, Non-Fiction or Poetic pieces that revolve around the main topic - which is New Tales of the Ming Treasure Voyages for 2019. Many ICHK students enter submissions each year and as a school, we have a solid success rate.

In this section, we will showcase the work from Charmaine Pilard, Marcus Ko, Karim Chong and Alfred Cheng.

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Charmaine Pilard

Charmaine Pilard is a fantastic young writer with a creative imagination. Her unique story follows the perspective of a dog named "Admiral Apollo Vasilios McGruff IV". Read the piece here.

Marcus Ko

Marcus Ko is a Year 11 student. Aside from being an outstanding volleyball player, he has a keen interest in dystopian literature. Read his piece here.

Karim Chong

Karim is currently in year 8. He enjoys playing tennis, horse riding, ballet, writing, and playing video games. For this HKYWA piece, Karim chose to write about Zheng’s voyage in a creative and adventurous way! Read the piece here.

Alfred Cheng

My name is Alfred Cheng, I am in year 8.3, I am 12 years old and I enjoy skiing in the mountains,reading and writing. This used to be a HKYWA project, but I did not like the setting. So I made my own. This is about a future earth where humans are back to 500 million because of a war.

Alfred in Year 8 is a great skier, a strong English student and an all round good egg. Read his entry here.


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Operation Santa Claus (OSC) is an annual charity campaign jointly organised by South China Morning Post (SCMP) and Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK). Their aim is to connect the local community to charities and raise funds by getting different organisations to organise their own creative fundraising activities.

This year, the SRC has once again decided to participate in Operation Santa. Due to the fact that ICHK won the prestigious award for most creative school last year, the pressure was on this year’s SRC to create a creative and fun fundraiser.

And this year’s Christmas fair has been a great success! Kids from ICHK and HLY primary all participated in fun activities like bottle shooting, ring toss, basketball throw, Mario Kart, and knocking cans, and there were stalls selling baked goods, mulled wine and raffle tickets. In the end, everyone enjoyed the fair and we raised around twice as much compared to last year! Huge shout out to the SRC for planning this event!

- Aaron Chu, SRC


Taiwan CAS Experience - Charlotte Cheung

At ICHK, CAS week is an annual event that gives students a fun-filled and educational week of experiences. Students from Year 9 to Year 12 decide their own experience depending on their interests. This year's CAS week was a highlight of Term 1, and Charlotte Cheung from 9.1 has shared her experience of going to Taipei, Taiwan.

"Our main goal of this trip was to learn more about Taiwanese Culture and specifically Taiwanese Aboriginal culture. We went from Monday, October 29th, to Friday, November 2nd, a total of 5 days. The trip was lead by Ms Tsao, Mr Greenall and Ms Caroline, Our trip was going to be a very exciting one."

Read the full piece here.

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Exchange Programme - Gladys Lau

The Exchange Programme is another annual tradition at ICHK and this year a group of 6 students attended. Gladys Lau from 10.1 shares her point of view with a reflection of the programme.

"The exchange programme has been a tradition in our school for a while now, and this year was no exception. This year’s programme was taken place from September 19th to the 23rd in China. This was a six-day programme in which had both language and cultural focuses."

Read the full piece here.

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Singapore Touch Rugby Tour 2018 - Charmaine Pilard and Rochelle Lok

Touch Rugby is a very important part of our school, so this year we made an all-girls rugby team compete in Singapore. Many people joined so we then had enough people to make 2 teams, one U14 team and one U16 team. Both teams knew that we would be up against tough and competitive opponents. We had prepared for weeks (including after-school training and Saturday practices) to be ready to face new teams and new challenges.

Charmaine Pilard and Rochelle Lok were both members of the U14 ICHK team that attended the Singapore Touch Tournament. You can read their full report here.

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Volleyball Reflection - Ryan Chan

Our U16 Boys Volleyball players were named champions in the ISSFHK League on November 8th. They beat Australian International School 2-0 and then the host team Singapore International School 2-0. This marks an amazing journey for the players who did not win a single set last year. But hard work and a growth mindset has proved that effort really does pay off.

Congratulations also to our U16 Girls Volleyball players on their own amazing season. Their hard work was rewarded this week as they were one of only four teams to qualify for the playoff in the U16 Girls Volleyball Competition. Some of the girls joined the team with no playing experience at all. The team finished third in the league.

Both the boys' and girls' teams have been practising on Saturday mornings, and have adopted a real growth mindset to the sport this season. All the players have shown incredible dedication and resilience under the coaching of Scarlette Leung and Erin Loges.

We congratulate the teams and their coaches for their amazing achievements and are proud to celebrate their success with our community.

A reflection from the boys can be found here.

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Anki Mak - Year 8 Girls Relay Race

Anki Mak is one of our original insight magazine contributors. She's back with another exciting piece this time capturing the excitement of the year 8 Sports Day Relay.

My heart was pounding, pounding so fast it felt like it was about to fly out of my body. I’ve never felt so anxious in my life...

People were cheering and yelling but it felt like I was the only person there, my mind was clear at that moment. I didn’t know how to feel or react, since my opponents are all very athletic and talented, unlike me. I had to go second in the relay competition, I didn’t want to mess up, having the fear that I'll drop the baton and drag the whole team or I won’t be able to run fast enough to catch up, the baton had my palm sweating like never before. It was almost the end of the day but I still couldn’t relax my brain, not even for just one second, not knowing when Elaine would come and pass the baton to me.

Time went pass slower than usual, suddenly I saw a person running towards me from distance. She ran closer and closer as she yelled my name, I knew what I had to do and started jogging into the “yellow” area, putting one hand backwards trying to receive the baton, what I feared for the last whole minute actually happened! The batton slipped through my fingers towards the floor, luckily my pinky finger and my ring finger caught the baton, I finally felt relieved. I looked to my right and saw Mimi running about three meters ahead of me, I already had the negative thought we would lose to Song, but I didn’t give up…

I imagined that there was a monster behind me and wanted to catch me and eat me, I was terrified. That was the trick I used to motivate myself to run faster, I know it sounds stupid and ridiculous but it actually worked, I ran and ran it was only 100m but it felt like it was never-ending. I yelled “Saki!” as I panicked that my imaginary monster would eventually kill me, I looked to my right and realised no one was next to me, I was happy because I finally overran Mimi, I looked ahead and saw Saki all ready for me to pass the baton to her anytime, I finally put the baton in her and after that I immediately fell on the floor due to being too exhausted, but at least I felt relieved. Saki easily ran towards Rufina and passed her the baton. Unfortunately, song caught up with us, and Rufina had to run against Leonie they are both very able-bodied, everyone didn't know who would win or would it be a tie, we yelled and cheered suddenly Rufina ran and overran Leonie, I felt my goosebumps as Rufina ran past the finish line holding the baton!

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HSBC Experience - Year 12 students Eric Chen and Ivan Choy

Senior students gained a unique insight to the high-pressure world of banking at the HSBC headquarters.

Sixteen of our students spent a day with global executives at HSBC headquarters. It was part of a very special learning opportunity, designed to prepare them for life beyond school.

They spent time working with 10 senior managers, where they were tasked with comparing three different cashless systems. They ended the day with a series of presentations, with HSBC staff reporting how impressed they were by the independence, resilience, confidence and high level of work shown.

Thank you to Douglas and Linoy Kidd for arranging the opportunity and Flora Lai and Martin Clarke for their help and supervision during the day.

You can read a reflection on the visit from Year 12 students Eric Chen and Ivan Choy here.
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Guardian Three Little Pigs video pastiche - Cherry Yee

Cherry Yee is a student in Y11 who embodies many of the qualities we hold dear at ICHK: she is relentlessly positive, supports her peers and is emerging as an extremely adept practitioner within various forms of media.

This video, Three Little Özils, is a pastiche of the Cannes award-winning Three Little Pigs advert for the Guardian. This project was designed in preparation for our Read and Respond Assignment 3 task for IGCSE English Language. We chose the stimuli of Mezut Özils Twitter response when defending himself for quitting the German national team due to the barrage of abuse that he suffered after being photographed next to the Turkish President Erdogan. The Guardian’s Three Little Pigs advert explores how quickly and emotionally stories can evolve in the social media age and how interconnected various events are. In our pastiche, we set out to replicate how just one small event can mushroom across the world and we set out to chart Özil’s rise and fall in the public eye due to the incident.

The original advert is embedded below.

This is Cherry's pastiche.

Examining How John Steinbeck Presents The Character Of Candy In Relation To The Theme Of Power And Inequality In The Novel Of Mice And Men - Rochelle Lok

"In English class this year we have studied John Steinbeck's classic American novel, Of Mice and Men, set in California during the Great Depression era of the 1930s. Steinbeck's novel transcends time and nationality, though, due to its elemental themes of loneliness, longing, friendship and hope. I loved Rochelle's sensitive, academic insight into the role that a relatively minor character, Candy, plays in the novel. Looking to analyse a text from an unconventional angle is a sign of a sharp intellect, and Rochelle's focus and development throughout the writing process was fantastic. This is a great piece of academic writing for a Y9 student and proves that Rochelle is more than ready for the challenges of the IGCSEs next year..!"

Jon Rees, English teacher

Read the full Analysis Essay here.

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Teacher Interviews - Mr Greenall

Oliver Twist is a classic Dickens' tale set in Victorian-era London and deals with the life of Oliver who is kidnapped by the dastardly Bill Sykes and Fagan and forced into a life of crime pickpocketing for their gang of urchins. It's a story that has been retold time and again on stage and screen, but knowing Mr Greenall's dark and brooding style, Oliver with a Twist is sure to have everyone talking about the play for months...!

Editors Lucia and Charlotte interviewed the imaginative director for more details on the final production.

Read the full interview here.

African Wildlife Foundation - Mr Rees

In November, representatives from the Nairobi office of the African Wildlife Foundation and the Hong Kong based Elephant Society came to speak to our Year 7 and Year 8 students as part of a series of visits to Hong Kong schools during “Elephant Week.”

The fall in the population of African elephants is a shocking reminder of the greed and stupidity of which humans are capable. Poachers hunt the elephants and kill them for their valuable ivory tusks. In the middle of the 20th Century, there were over 2 million African elephants. Now there are just under 400,000- and The Great Elephant Census reports that their numbers have fallen by one third between 2007 and 2014.

Mr Rees has written an awareness piece for this problem and you can read the full piece here.

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