Teacher Assistant

By: Yasmine Garay


I like working with children who are in school. I enjoy going to school and helping people when they need it. I am a bilingual and willing to help others.

Career Research

Daily Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Instructing Students

  • Supervising Students

  • Performing Clerical Tasks

  • Miscellaneous Duties

  • Special Education Teaching Assistants

Work Environment

Teacher assistants work in public and private schools, childcare centers, and for religious organizations. About 4 in 10 worked part time in 2012. Most do not work during the summer. Some parents get involved to be a teacher assistant.

Education and Training

Educational requirements, which vary by school district and position, range from a high school diploma to an associate’s degree.

Preferred Job Skills

• Demonstrated ability to assist lead teachers by taking on specific tasks to help them concentrate on instructional activities

• Adept at preparing classrooms for lessons

• Special talent for supervising students in the event of the absence of a teacher

• Excellent verbal, written and instructional communication skills

• Track record of creating and maintaining effective student-teacher relationships

• Detail orientated with a keen attention to detail

Job Outlook

Increase 9% from 2012 to 2022


$23,640 per year

Teaching Special Needs Children : How to Become a Teaching Assistant

High School Preparation


  • Child Development
  • Human Development
  • Child Care Practium
  • Taste of Teaching

Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Operation Snowball

Work/Volunteer Experience

  • Child Care Center


  1. Mrs. Maldonado- Preschool teacher at East Leyden
  2. Ms. Eileen Falls - Family and Consumer Science at East Leyden

My Post-Secondary Plan

In order to become a Teacher Assistant go you go to college so you could get a certificate.


I learn throughout this process that I want to continue to be a Teacher Assistant for my career.