AT Update

December 5, 2014

AT Math 3

This week, students began unit 4. We are working on very basic algebra concepts: using a variable in an expression, evaluation an equation by combining like terms, and solving for an unknown variable.

Students learned about inverse operations and extended their knowledge of "fact families" through the use of break apart diagrams for addition/subtraction and factor rectangles for multiplication/division.

Chapter 3 tests will be in Friday folders. Please remember to look them over and send them back to school to include in our portfolios.

4th Grade Math

This week, we worked on real world math problems involving fractions as we found out how many of a variety of instruments were in a marching band. We reviewed all of Chapter 3 and took the assessment which will go home in Friday folders this week.

We are beginning Unit 4--decimal operations. We started today by learning (or refreshing our memory) about the "shift pattern" when multiplying and dividing by powers of 10.

Reading 3 and 4

This week, we had our final book club discussion on Sounder and The Westing Game. Students had to compose an essay for their final test that involved changing the setting of the books. This deep analyzation of the story helps students to better understand the motivation of the characters in the story and forced them to really think about the people in a different light.

We are also working on mastering the "CERCA" format for writing an essay: Claim, Evidence, Reasoning, Counterargument, Audience. Students read an article abut family history and traditions and completed a ThinkCerca lesson about the reading. We are taking that one step further and will be writing non fiction stories about our own traditions and histories.

Due to this special project, there are no spelling words this week.


Just a reminder that this Friday night is PTO Holiday Bazaar and Movie Night! Come join the fun and watch The Lego Movie! Students can shop for family and friends in the LRC as well

Breakfast with Santa is Saturday morning sponsored by the Kiwanis Club. Come to Gower West for games, delicious pancakes and the big man himself!