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Get in the know!

September 23, 2016

Let's get to know each other!

Thank you for all of your guesses last week! Now we know that Mrs. Khan grew up in Chicago & likes the cold, Ms. Harris was almost a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, and Mr. Plyler had long blond hair in college & looked like one of his professors (see the pic!). So fun!

This week we have two people to guess. Be sure to email your guesses to Kristen...

Who Am I?

1- I used to go to motorcycle rallies with my family as a child. I even had a motorcycle vest that said, “My Daddy rides a Harley.”

Who Am I?

2 - I played piano for 10 years. I also played clarinet and oboe in middle school, and I played bass on the keyboard for our school show choir.

News from Natalie

There has been a lot of chatter in Collaborative Plannings about goal setting with our kiddos! Check out this new resource (below) from Jennifer Serravallo designed to be used with students as teachers work to find and establish goals for students. We can involve students in the goal-setting process by offering them the opportunity to identify with statements that align to different goals from the “Hierarchy of Possible Goals” on page 3 of The Reading Strategies Book. What a great way to get started with student-led goal setting and thinking!

Newsworthy Knights

To: Mrs. Berridge and Ms. Kyser

For: Making last year's 4th graders AMAZING writers! Ms. Conn & Mrs. Burkland are so impressed with how well these 5th graders can write! Thanks for being such WONDERFUL teachers!

Upcoming Birthdays...

9/27 - Tosha Harper

Here is the Parent Newsletter for this week: