Area B Technology

Administrator Updates - Fall 2016

Schoology Support

Lesson Planner Support

If your campus is using Schoology to submit lesson plans, please know that I'm here to support you through that process. Whether your campus needs assistance with additional teacher training, lesson planner customization, or training on how to give teacher feedback, I can help you meet your goals.

If you are not currently using Schoology for lesson plans and you would like a short demonstration of the process, I am happy to come to your campus to show you all of the features. We can also develop an implementation plan for your campus that can be used when you are ready to make the transition.

Please let me know how I can support you and your campus.

Campus Training

As we continue to move along the Schoology implementation road map, you may find that your teachers need additional training on the many facets of Schoology that are available. We have basic training that has been created and can be customized to meet your campus needs. If you would like to schedule follow-up training for your campus, please reach out and let me know how I can be of assistance.

General Updates

Technology Tune-Ups

Tech Tune-Ups are being implemented to ensure that all Instructional Technology Specialists in Area B receive quality consistent support for the many facets of their jobs.

These one (1) hour web conferences will be a chance to share the same information with all campuses in Area B at once. The venue for the web conferences is Adobe Connect, and the schedule for the semester was sent out at the end of September. A sample agenda is below:

Tech Tune-Up Sample Agenda

  • Welcome
  • Leadership Skill/Focus (Communication, training teachers, etc.) 15-20 min
  • Job Specific tasks for the month (w/Q & A) 15-20 min
  • Student/Teacher Productivity Tool (Demo & Discussion about classroom application) 15-20 min
  • Closure

Your campus ITS was asked to sign-up for the sessions that are most suited to meet their needs. To view the full schedule for the Fall, click here.

Yr2 & Yr3 ITS Support

I will continue to offer tiered campus support for ITS who are in their 2nd and 3rd year of the position. We will meet once per month on your campus to assist with any needs and/or issues. Calendar invitations were sent to campus specialists via Outlook.

CASE Digital Learning Updates

Changes & Updates

Great news...there have been NO major changes to the Digital Learning section of the Community and School Engagement (CASE) Report! This year, there are specific protocols that have been put in place to make sure that all campuses are collecting data in the same way. Checkpoints have been implemented and I will be closely monitoring data all year. As always, my goal is to ensure that no campus in Area B will be less than Acceptable in any performance measure.

If you have any specific questions about the protocols or checkpoints, please let me know.


You Can Book Me

In an effort to work more efficiently, I am implementing the use of an online scheduling system that you can use to schedule appointments, campus visits, etc. The new system will be much easier, as you won't have to email me and then wait to hear back on what my availability is. With this new system, the dates and times that are shown sync directly to my calendar, so if you see it available you can book it!

I am confident that this is the best way for us to schedule appointments moving forward, as it completely cuts out the wait time. You can book your appointments using this link: Additionally, it is embedded into the Area B Technology Highlights blog, as well as my email signature. You can also click the "Schedule an Appointment" button below.

If you are interested in using this tool on your campus for scheduling meetings, labs, technology carts, etc. just let me know. I am happy to show you exactly how you can make it work for you!