East Middle School

Welcome fifth graders!

From elementary to middle!

This is East Middle School. The switch from fifth grade to sixth is big. But don't worry, middle school is easier than it sounds. I mean, yeah, theres lockers (yikes) and you have multiple classes, but its not like the movies. Middle school can be rough but heres some tips that can help you through the day.

1) Be yourself! It'll help you find the right group of friends to hang with.

2) Don't be a trouble maker, the nicer you are the nicer the teachers are.


4)Ignore the people that dislike you, or befriend them.

5) Never share pencils/pens. you'll never get them back.

6)Locker combination, the tip you've been waiting for! First you turn right, then left, and right again. Simple.

Multiple classes...

Yes... you have more than one classroom! You have four periods, plus encore. And you have four minutes in between each class to get to the next. It doesn't seem like a lot of time, but it is if you hurry and avoid friends in the hall. You can talk to them during lunch! But don't worry about forgetting your classes, because when your enrolled as a student, you receive a handy dandy slip of paper called a schedule. This schedule has all your classes with room numbers and the teachers name incase you forget. Schedules are so useful during your first days of school. But after a month of school you'll remember your classes and you'll get better at getting to class on time.

Some pictures of East!

East classes are different than normal school schedules!

A and B days???

You may be thinking, "what are a and b days?" Well, at East we only have four classes plus encore a day! But that makes each class longer, which is why it makes fridays go by faster. Why would it make fridays go faster? A days are Mondays and Wednesdays. B days are Tuesdays and Thursdays. But on fridays you have both A and B day classes. So its like a normal school schedule. You get it... right?


To make things easier, East has houses. Houses hold all your main subjects such as math, science, social studies, reading and writing. And all your extra classes like art, physical education, family and consumer sciences, typing, tech, band and choir are out and around the hall ways. Its not as complicated as it sounds if it does sound that way. Once you get here you'll understand.