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Everywhere you go, Perseverance is always there!

How Worldly Perseverance Works

Now first off, you’re all probably wondering, perseverance around the world? Am I talking about perseverance that happened in a specific country or something? Actually, no, I’m not. I’m talking about the environments that affect our lives and makes us persevere. Before I give you the basic info about today’s topic, just sit there and listen to our questions to you. Where were you born? Does this place affect the way you are? How about the people around you? How do they affect that way you live? Take a moment to think about it. The environment and surroundings we live in reflects on who we are. At this sentence you’d probably think about examples such as the movie Tarzan. In some cases, that’s exactly what I’m talking about! But I’m also talking about some places like urban areas where people might be poor there and eat overrated food.

Everyone lives differently, and there’s logic behind it. Before you say anything, these information is based on my thinking and understanding. You see, the logic behind this is that places, as I stated earlier, have an impact and influence on people that live long enough in that place. Let’s take a forest, for example. People there might have ways to farm fruit and kills animals and cooperate pretty well. On the other hand, there’s people who live in cold places, living life by killing wild animals from tools from scratch and preserve their food using their climate condition. Now compare these examples. They differ from each other, am I right? Of course they are, but why are they different? The most simple explanation is the environment. A forest is much different from a cold tundra, but when living in one of them, you learn to get around the place.

However, let’s say we take a person from the forest and plop them down in the cold tundra. Believe me when I say this, they would NOT survive even a day! They’re so used to having the trees and fruits around them that they certainly couldn’t possibly be prepared to battle cold winds and snow everywhere as a result! And what happens if you plop a person from the cold tundra to the forest? The outcome is: They won’t survive either. The reason why is that since they have never experienced such a humid weather, they don’t know how to farm, nor make their weapons the same way they did in the arctic to defend themselves from poisonous and dangerous animals. Sad, but that’s how it would be. You see, this is all because they’re influenced by and adhere to their natural surroundings.

By now, you’re most likely wondering, where does the perseverance come in? This author has been rambling about environment and the differences for almost three paragraphs! Relax, I’m breaking it down little by little. The place is one of the few things that shape and make the way we are, but let’s not forget people. For instance, If you’re around a sweet and caring person, you might as well be kind towards people. However, if you’ve spent some time around such as an abusive mother who is an alcoholic, you might avoid anyone thinking they might try to hurt you too. Behaviors from other people play a role in your life, too. Funny, these details don’t seem to be conspicuous until someone points them out, but hey, what can I say, there are some people who pays attentions to closer things than most people.

Now, we’re on to the topic of how perseverance play into a person’s life. Usually perseverance will be the most visible around those who have lived in the difficult settings and people who aren’t as nice as some people. This is because the person who lived a life like this learn to keep going to find a greater future. A person who has been dealing with gun violence in urban areas or lack of water in Africa perseveres by fighting their way through their environment, learning to get around it. With people, it depends on who you spend your most time with. Someone who shows kindness to you will make you show kindness to others. If someone constantly lose your trust daily, you might as well have a hard time trusting others. There’s perseverance through this. For example, if your mother mocks and deprecates you by throwing insults on how you can’t pass your class or makes you feel petty, you’d want to prove her wrong by working hard. If you keep doing despite the pain and hardships you’re going through, you’ll get there eventually, and once you do, you would have proven your mother wrong.

There are many great examples that consists of perseverance around the world. There’s a lady who decided to open up a free school in Nepal to help kids get education. In Africa, a boy discovers a way to fend off lions that come into the territory. A young girl on TED talk, explains how the adults around her say things like “stop being childish” even though there are children out there like Anne Frank that were famous for what they did. It all depends on the place and people you hang around the most in.

Journey to the South Pole

Roald Amundsen, a Norwegian explorer, was first born on July 16, 1872 in Borge near Oslo, Norway. As a kid, he had big dreams about becoming the first explorer to reach to the South Pole, Antarctica. Next, in 1897, Amundsen sailed as first mate on the Belgica in a Belgian expedition that was the first to winter in the Antarctic. In 1903, Amundsen started his mission to sail through the Northwest Passage and around Northern Canadian Coast, along with his crew of six on his 47-ton sloop Gjöa. Then in August 1905, He reached Cape Colborne, nowadays called Nunavut, completing his passage, before the ice halted his westerly progress for winter at Herschel Island in Yukon.

Amundsen’s crew continued in August 1906 and were greeted warmly when the voyage ended in Nome, Alaska, later that month. This accomplishment made him think of another idea for a polar exploration. His next plan was to travel across the North Pole in Fridtjof Nansen’s old ship, the Fram. Meanwhile, another explorer named Robert E. Peary had reached the North Pole in April 1909, cutting Amundsen’s ambitions off since Amundsen was perhaps too complacent and idle. Amundsen then left Norway in June 1910 with only his brother knowing that he had set sail for the South Pole instead of North. He traveled, in the Fram, from the Madeira Islands to the Bay of Whales, Antarctica along the Ross Sea, determined to be the first to explore the land despite the harsh climate. Next, he set up a base there that was 60 miles (100 km) close to the pole. It was much closer than the base of English explorer Robert Falcon Scott, who had the same intentions in the rivaling competition. Being the experienced explorer he was, Amundsen had made preliminary trips to put down food supplies along the route to the pole and back. While Amundsen used sled dogs for transportation for this, Scott did not plan like he did and had Siberian ponies as his transportation.

On October 19, 1911, Amundsen traveled with 4 partners, 52 dogs, and 4 sledges. Later, they had successfully arrived at the South Pole on December 14. They then started their journey back to home on December 17 after collecting data, and later reached their base at the Bay of Whales safely on January 25, 1912. His rival Scott had reached the pole on January 17, but he and his crew soon perished on their way back to home. Amundsen returned home finally and had written some books about venturing into the icy cold land. He had persevered through the harsh journeys he had chosen to take on, failing some of them but nevertheless continued without hesitation. Amundsen had tried to go to the North Pole, but failed to be the first one, and then took the challenge to go to the South Pole instead, and he made it using his cleverness and confidence to motivate him. This man, is truly one of the people to persevere around the world.

On The Move

Marilee Thompson was an average schoolgirl that has made more mistake than you could count. You see, Marilee’s problem is that she had just moved from Naperville, IL, to East Brunswick, NJ. Her new school, Memorial, taught things way differently than her old school, Ranchview. For one thing, The science class topic was micro organisms, something Marilee has never been taught back in Ranchview. The music class had words Marilee never knew, like Sink-o-pa or Ti-ti-ta. When Marilee comes back home, she always goes to her room and throw tantrums, as she struggled to fit in with the curriculum her school follows. It didn’t make things easier since the kids at her school bullied her. Marilee thought the only solution is to move back to Naperville. This led to Marilee begging her parents everyday, throwing hissy fits and crying to them, but they refused. One night, at dinner, Marilee’s mother got up to wash the plates, but stopped.

“Marilee, You know that your grades are even lower than last quarter, correct?” Her mother asked. Marilee sullenly nodded, picking at her plate.

“I-I feel inadequate… I try to keep up, really, I do, but the things they teach at Memorial is just - half of them I don’t even understand! Like, when am I going to use hair widths in life? Or use Sink-o-pa when singing? I just don’t understand at all. Ranchview is so much better than this place.” Marilee covered her face, groaning.

“Sounds like your dilemma is growing,” Her father choked out as he swallowed his food down, “Think positive, Mari. If this keeps continuing to go out of control, then we could always help you,” He patted Marilee on the head, “Your mother and I believe you can do this, Marilee. You always studied hard and proud back in Naperville. I don’t see how you can’t do that here.” He ruffled her hair and got up to wash his plates. Marilee’s parents left the room soon after, leaving Marilee sitting there at the dining table, thinking.

“Study hard…” Marilee repeated, then got up, put her plates in the sink, and went on her computer, looking at the units for next week and the week after, “Guess I’m doubling my studying.”

The next few weeks she still was struggling to learn, but after school ended Marilee would studying nonstop. She didn’t want to end the year so weak. Her father and mother pitched in to help her study.

“The Pythagorean Theorem is?” Her mother asked,

“A method used to find the hypotenuse of a triangle.” Marilee declared with confidence.

“The cilia of a cell is?” Her father inquired.

“The cilia is the hair of the cell.” Marilee answered.

“Good job, you’re definitely progressing!” Her mother cheered. Her father grinned and nodded, obviously proud. Marilee felt happy, and she knew she was going to whip through the year easy-peasy. And it did.

Since Marilee studied for future subjects, she has been getting decent grades like As and Bs, and she had astonished everybody, including the teachers. Because of the sudden turn of grades, Marilee became one of the star students of the school. She had never felt so happy and content in her life. Marilee was happy that she solved her problem and that she managed to pull through the school year. Marilee skipped back to her house, and greeted her parents with a hug.

“See? I told you, think positive, and work hard. You’d get there eventually.” Her father parents congratulated her and hugged back, proud that she persevered.

“Thanks. I now realize that, well, if I worked hard enough, I can see that Memorial and Ranchview aren’t that completely different after all. I’m just glad that I managed to turn around my grades before the year ended.” Marilee’s parents smiled, and they went back inside the house, that lingering feeling of accomplishment and happiness still around.

Fiona M. Shao

Fiona Shao is a middle school student at Scullen. She mainly loves drawing and writing stories, and sometimes goes by the nickname Films.