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Issue #4 and Issue #2

What is this issue about?

Waste management is the collection, transportation, disposal of garbage, sewage and other waste materials. Proper handling of waste materials includes maintenance of waste transport trucks and dumping facilities.

Where does Waste Management take place?

In Mississauga there are many places waste is managed one of the main places is the

Integrated Waste Management Facility. This facility offers single stream recycling, organics processing capability (processes organic waste) and waste transfer capacity. This facility provides better processing efficiency also it allows for recyclable materials and organic waste on one split body truck reducing the collection costs. Other places where waste is managed in Mississauga are:

  • Green Space Disposal
  • Canada junk removal
  • Progressive waste solution
  • Community recycling center
  • Fewster community recycling center

Concerns due to the issue

Some people are not disposing hazardous waste properly. This is a concern for our community because hazardous waste is bad for our environment if its not disposed properly. Household hazardous waste include paint, cleaners, appliances, electronics, fuel etc. Improper ways of disposing hazardous waste are pouring them down the drain, on the ground, flushing down the drain or toilet, etc

Who's involved?

When it comes to not disposing hazardous waste properly everyone in the community is affected as its affecting the environment. Plants and animals are being killed by this when wildlife ingest or comes in contact with some of the products which is poisonous to the animals. People working at waste centers, landfills or anywhere around waste can get exposed to the toxins and can suffer from disease like kidney damage and poisoning, cancer, brain damage etc. This environmentalist are also affected by this.

Do their viewpoints differ

Many local residents, businesses and other places who throw away waste do not consider what will happen if they do not throw away waste properly. Whereas environmentalist and people working in waste management places and landfill don't want people to be throwing away waste so carelessly as it affects the workers and the job of environmentalist.

How this issue can be solved?

The Hazardous waste problem can be solved in couple of ways. Some of the ways are:

  • Collect all the hazardous waste in a bin and when the bin is full drop it off at a center where they accept hazardous waste like the Fewster Community Recycling Center located in Mississauga

The Environmentally Sensitive Area's In The Region Of Mississauga

What Are Environmentally Sensitive Area's?

Environmentally Sensitive areas are a type of designated agricultural area which needs protection because of the land scape, wildlife or historical value. Most of the environmentally sensitive areas are used for ecological functions. One of the most important ecological functions is storing and purifying water.

Where Are Environmentally Sensitive Areas In Mississauga?

Mississauga has many natural areas. There is a great diversity of natural areas in Mississauga which is not present in any other city. Since there are so many natural and environmentally sensitive area in Mississauga. I feel that the citizens of this city should know where the environmentally sensitive areas are so they can help in protecting the natural beauty of this city.

Some of the environmentally sensitive areas in Mississauga are:

1) Sawmill Creek

2) Windy Hallow Park

3) Credit View Wetland Park

4) Mimico Creek

5) Credit River

6) Malton (There is a naturalization project in Malton Greenway Park)

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Canada's concerns about Environmentally Sensitive Areas

A major concern that Canada has is that urbanization is proving to be a threat to the environmentally sensitive areas. During the process of fragmentation of land it effects the connection of different ecosystems. This can also cause habitat fragmentation. Habitat fragmentation is the separation of intact habitat that can cause an increase in wildlife deaths.

Who Is Involved In This Issue?

Mississauga is a beautiful growing city. Since all the environmentally sensitive areas are not protected in Mississauga the mayor and the citizens of this city are involved in protecting the area. Like streams and wetland carrying chemical residues due to pollution flows to Lake Ontario and finally this water is supplied to different homes. Which affects the common people so people of Mississauga are environmentally conscious and with the support of the government wants to keep the city environmentally safe.

Do Their View Points Differ?

The Greenbelt foundation, along with the Mississauga Council and the residents of Mississauga has come together showing their support to protect the environmentally sensitive areas. "The Greenbelt protects our land and water for today and the future generations. I applaud Mississauga's leadership that they have taken by moving one step closer to protect more land" says the CEO of Greenbelt foundation Burhard Mausberg.

"On behalf of Mississauga I am delighted to see the progress we have made in protecting environmentally sensitive areas" says Hazel McCallion, mayor of Mississauga


1) To keep the water in the streams and creeks clean and pollution free.

2) To plant more trees in environmentally sensitive areas.

3) Waste and garbage disposal to be maintained.

4) To place more laws to protect the environmentally sensitive areas in Mississauga.

5) Aware more citizens in Mississauga about environmentally sensitive areas.

2014 Latornell Leadership Award Recipient Judi Brouse