By: Addie Lewis


The Alpine biome is very, very cold. The Alpine biome starts at very high altitudes, typically from 10,000 feet up. The climate is very, cold, snowy, windy, etc. It is one of the coldest biomes in the world, along with the Tundra. It is so cold because of it's very high altitudes. It is also dry year round.

Location, Animals, & Plants of the Alpine!

Where is the Alpine Biome?

The Alpine biome can be found anywhere with very high altitudes, typically the lowest point of an Alpine biome is 10,000 feet. However, they can be all over the world, as long as the altitude is high enough. Some Alpine biomes are in the Himalayan Mountain range, the Rocky Mountain range, and more mountain ranges.

Animals of the Alpine

There are many different animals in the Alpine biome. All of them are warm-blodded, with the exception of insects, and have adapted to live in this harsh environment. Some examples of them include:




-Mountain Goats

-Snow Leoaprds


-Andean Condor


What plants are found in the Alpine?

Since the Alpine is so cold, it is very hard for plants to grow. They is only about a 180 day period in the warmer months, when plants grow. They are also not nearly as much plant types in the Alpine as in the other biomes. However, some plants do still grow, these include:

-Bear Grass

-Bristlecone Pine

-Alpine Phacelia

-Moss Campion

-Wild Potato

-Pygmy Bitterroot

-Polylepis Forest