The Outsider Times

Published by: Zayna Shah

The Disappearance of Ponyboy and Johnny!

I'm Zayna Shah and I am coming to you with the latest news in the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Johnny and Ponyboy have gone missing. Just last night they got into a fight with the Socs in the lot. Bob has been murdered, he was supposedly stabbed by Johnny with a switchblade. We have yet to know their location or charges. We have gotten some people to testify for Ponyboy and Johnny. Cherry Valance has made statement saying that the murder of Bob was out of self - defense. They make a good point the youngest of the greaser gang, while being outnumbered 2 - 5. The Socs have also made claims that Johnny murdering Bob was wrong and out of hate and despite, so he should be put in prison for life. The Greaser Gang is also making statements for the disappearance of Johnny and Ponyboy. The Socs and Greasers are apparently set to go head - to - head and have a rumble. That is all the news that I have to share with you guys, do you guys believe the Greasers will win the rumble or the Socs.