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Message from the Head of Department: Sport and Movement Studies

2022 promises to be an exciting year of new opportunities within the South African sporting landscape. After a tough period for sport during the COVID 19 pandemic, as a country we were able to continue with stellar international performances at the Olympic and Paralympic Games. This shows our resilience and ability to overcome any obstacle in pursuit of our goals.

As part of the University of Johannesburg’s (UJ) collective vision of education that is anchored in Africa, we have developed a suite of new higher certificate qualifications that are tailored for the development of sport coaches and club administrators in South Africa and across the continent. This is geared to secure our space in the education of sports coaches and administrators, globally. Our Higher Certificates are open to the international community, we welcome the enrolment of practicing coaches and administrators as well as those who want a career in these domains.

In 2015 UJ launched the Olympic Studies Centre (OSC), the first of its kind in Africa. Its vision is to be a partner of excellence in Africa for Olympic Studies and Sport for Development and Peace (SDP) through active collaboration with key policy actors (at the global, regional and national levels) and agencies to drive a shared agenda of social transformation and fair play. Research, education and training as well as postgraduate studies are the cornerstones of the Centre.

The OSC recently signed a contract with the African Union Sports Council Region 5 to conduct a research project on gender equity (including gender mainstreaming) in five Southern African countries (Lesotho, Malawi, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe) and across six sports (athletics, baseball, boxing, football, judo and netball). The findings will inform the new regional strategic plan and direct the thematic areas and discussion at a regional Gender Conference planned for November 2021.

As we embark on the fourth term of the academic year, I take this opportunity to wish all students the best of luck in their final preparations for the end of year assessments. We trust that you have a combination of inspiration and determination in achieving your 2021 goals.

We look forward to engaging with you on your academic journey.

Best wishes,

Dr Heather Morris-Eyton

Head of Department: Sport and Movement Studies

Faculty of Health Science

University of Johannesburg



Enhance Your Club Management and Coaching Skills with a SAQA Accredited Higher Certificate


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Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Process

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Frequently Asked Questions: Higher Certificates in Sport Administration / Sport Coaching and Exercise Science

1. Are these qualifications South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) accredited?
Both Higher Certificate qualifications are South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) registered.

2. On what NQF level are the qualifications?

Both qualifications are on NQF level 5, generating 120 credits.

3. What is the duration of the qualifications:

Both qualifications are offered over a period of one year (February to November).

4. Can I study this qualification over two years?

Unfortunately, you can only enroll for this qualification in one year. If you are required to repeat modules (this ideally is not recommended), it can be repeated in the second year.

5. What qualification can I undertake after I have completed this/these qualifications?

You can study any related qualification on NQF level 6 that is the equivalent of an Advanced Certificate. Currently, UJ does not offer Advanced Certificates in Sport Coaching and Exercise Science and Sport Administration.

6. Do I have to attend lectures?

The programme is currently offered online due to COVID 19 restrictions.

7. Would the course continue to be offered online post COVID 19 restrictions?

Yes, a limited contact process will be followed that will also include online teaching. We

foresee that the Higher Certificate qualification will continue with online teaching in 2022.

8. How many modules do I have to complete:

  • The Higher Certificate in Sport Coaching consists of 13 modules of which 9 are semester modules (14 weeks) and 4 year modules (28 weeks).
  • The Higher Certificate in Sport Administration consists of 13 modules of which 10 are semester modules (14 weeks) and 3 year modules (28 weeks).

9. Is practical work required?

You are required to complete Work Integrated Learning at a local sport club of your choice that is affiliated to a provincial sport structure and approved by the Department of Sport and

Movement Studies (UJ). In addition, a First Aid Level 1 Certificate is required.

10. Can I undertake work integrated learning at my current sport club?

Yes, on condition that the club complies with the above requirements.
11. Would I benefit from these Higher Certificates qualifications if I have significant experience in sport coaching and/or administration?

These qualifications provide a better understanding of the theory related to

coaching and sport club administration, in addition to an accredited qualification in sport coaching/sport club administration.

12. How does the Higher Certificate in Sport Coaching and Exercise Science differ from the level (1, 2, 3) coaching courses of National Sport Federations?

The qualification differs in that coaching courses offered by National Sport Federations does not necessary include Sport Science as part of coaching. The Higher Certificate will however, add to or clarify the knowledge you acquired in coaching and courses completed.

13. Can I obtain credit for prior successfully completed courses?

Credits are issued on condition that the outcomes of the course completed are in line with the related module in the Higher Certificate (NQF level 5), it was successfully completed within the last 7 years, at a SAQA registered education institution.

14. Is the curriculum of the Higher Certificate in Coaching and Exercise Science in line with the requirements of the South African Coaches Framework?

Yes, the curriculum was developed in line with the requirements of the National Coaches

Framework. Being SAQA registered indicates this. Therefore, when the professional

body for coaches has been established (in process), it means that you could register if you comply with all the other requirements.

15. Do I have to write exam?

No, you do not write exam as the modules follow a continuous assessment process

meaning that you are required to complete assignments, tests and other forms of assessment. Marks allocated will be added to produce a final mark for each module.

16. What are the course costs for Higher Certificates in 2021:

  • Higher Certificate in Sports Administration = R40 760
  • Higher Certificate in Sports Coaching = R41 710

*The 2022 course fees are subject to further inflation and administrative costs.

UJ Olympic Studies Centre - The First Olympic Studies Centre on the African Continent and the 38th in the World

We are dedicated to sharing the principles and practices of Olympic philosophies and activities with professionals and researchers, by sharing resources, hosting events and promoting academic activities to enable research and stimulate intellectual exchange.​

Research and Information:

The Olympic Studies Centre act as a hub for topical research relating to global, regional and local debates and discourses in the following disciplinary fields:

  • Olympic Education
  • Sport Management
  • Sociology of Sport
  • Physical Education
  • ​Sport for Development and Sport Development ​

For more Information Contact:

Olympic Studies Centre Director: Professor Cora Burnett-Louw

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Department of Sport and Movement Studies Postgraduate Support Contact Details

Postgraduate Coordinator: Sport Science
Dr Andrew Green

Postgraduate Coordinator: Sport Management

Dr Natasha Janse van Rensburg


General Enquiries and Administrative Assistance:

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