Progress Monitoring

Mr. & Mrs. Sylvia

We will be using this as a way to update you about areas of strength and areas in need of extra practice. Anytime we make updates to this we will resend you the link. We will put dates on the post so that you can see when it was update. You can leave a comment on the flyer or send us an email if you have any questions. This is the first time we are trying this digital so let us know if you feel like this is helpful.

Math 9/29/15

Math Topic 1 is all about Understanding Addition & Subtraction: This is an area that Maddie is confident in.

Maddie has demonstrated strong ability in the area of decomposing numbers. She is able to decompose the number 10 quickly and accurately. She also knows her doubles facts! Last week we started fact families and she is able to create the fact family with all four related facts with speed and accuracy! Maddie is also working on creating joining stories (addition) and comparing stories (subtraction). Continuing to work on related facts and fact families will strengthen her number sense. We are working with the numbers 1-10, but I think Maddie can begin to incorporate numbers 10 to 20.

Guided Reading 9/29/15

Maddie is reading very fluently. Her accuracy is about 95% which is great! The area we want to work on is her phrasing and stopping at punctuation. Her reading should sound like she is talking and taking a small pause when there is a period. Comprehension is one area we want to build up stronger. Starting with her ability to sequence the events of a story and looking back in the story to check if she is unsure. Continue to have her read each night and ask her questions about what she read like: Who are the characters? What is the setting? What was the main idea of the chapter? etc

Writer's Workshop 9/29/15

In writing we are working on writing small movement personal narratives. Maddie is working on a story about going to the beach with her grandparents. We are focusing on adding detail. I noticed that her writing was missing punctuation and upper case letters at the start of sentences. She started editing her story and we will allow her to type it. Once she starts typing it she can log on to Google classroom from home if she wants to work on it from home she can!