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Tom's Word on Pet Store Legislation

In keeping with my proven record of supporting animal welfare measures while in public office, I strongly approve the bill recently passed by both the New York State Senate and Assembly which will allow municipalities to regulate, control, and manage the sale of dogs and cats by pet dealers within their localities. At the present time, the vast majority of puppies sold by pet stores in New York come from puppy mills, which are essentially substandard, inhumane, breeding facilities that emphasize profit over animal welfare. Both the breeding mothers and puppies at these facilities are crammed in small, unsanitary wire cages, oftentimes languishing without proper food, veterinary care and socialization. As a result of such inhumane treatment, these puppies frequently exhibit health and behavioral problems which are then passed on to you, the consumer, when you unwittingly purchase one of these puppies to become a new member of your family.

With the passage of this law, however, localities will have the authority to implement the critical steps necessary to help reduce animal suffering, protect consumers within their community and crack down on cruel and unscrupulous pet dealers in their jurisdictions. Thus, in Nassau County, we will be able to regulate the source from which pet stores obtain their dogs and cats thereby significantly curtailing the influx of puppies from puppy mills. There is no question that the only way we will ever put a stop to the puppy mill industry is by decreasing the demand for these puppies at the retail level. In addition, we will be able to require that the pet stores in our community provide each and every dog and cat with a far higher level of care and treatment than that presently mandated by New York law. Finally, by enacting more stringent pet dealer regulations, we will be promoting the ideal of treating animals with the respect and humanity that they so desperately deserve.

Please Ask Governer Cuomo to Sign Bill Number A740/S3753

This bill will allow municipalities to regulate pet dealers within our communities.