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"This is Me"

la mia famigila & meine Familie

My mom is Italian, and my step dad is German. I also have an eight year old brother named J.T.. I am definitely close with my mom, but not at all with my step dad.


I.... Cheer...

Unfortunately it isn't one of my most entertaining pieces to my puzzled life. Most of my friends would say I am not the "cheerleader type". Although, I am the JV cheer captain, I have been cheering for three years for the high school and 11 years through a summer organization. I am also a 2 time All-American nominee.


I love it!! It is a great way to relieve stress and release my competitive side. I run the 100 meter dash, the 200 meter dash and the 4X400 relay (third leg relay). I have come in first on most of the relays in the past, and constantly place 2nd and 3rd in the 100m and 200m.

Powerlifting...well sorta.

I am not currently on the team but look forward to joining this year.

Favorite animal

My boyfriend's dog. I'm not sure what it is, but his hair looks like a tiger!!!!

My favorite memory

This is when I was five, my mom got married for the first time. I wasn't too happy about sitting through the whole thing, but my PawPaw made it enjoyable. I find this memory as my favorite because from the moment on I have had a stronger relationship with him. Later on in the wedding I was upset and didn't want to dance. Even though he couldn't quite pick me up i my dress he dance around the dance floor with me, and made me feel better.

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