Choking PSA

help save your baby!

How to give a child CPR

1.) shout and tap gently on the child. if there is no response and they are still not breathing normally, position the infant on his or her back and begin CPR.

2.) Give 30 second compression's at a rate of 100 per minute. use two or three fingers in the center of their chest just below the nipples. press down approximately one-third the depth of the chest.

3.) open the airway using a head tilt lifting of the chin. do not tilt the head back too far.

4.) Give 2 gentle breaths if the baby is still not breathing normally, cover the baby's mouth and nose with your mouth. each breath should be 1 second long. you should see the baby's chest rise with each breath.

it can happen

a lot of people don't think it will happen to their baby, but it can. Things are left all over the place all the time, and baby's love to grab things at this age. They like to pick things up and put them in their mouth. This is very dangerous for young infants to do, they are putting themselves in so much risk of choking. so do what you can to try and keep the floors clean, and leave things out of children's reach if it is small enough for them to swallow.