Early Ojibwe Winter-Biboon

By-Ty Gash

Place Where The Ojibwe Went In The Winter

In the winter the Ojibwe move to secluded camps out in the wood away from other families. Throughout the winter they lived in Wigwams(A round dwelling made out of poles and sapling and covered with sheets of birchbark or woven mats). Also the men and boys would hunt for moose, elk and deer, then bring them back to the camp where the women would dry the meat.

Activities Done In The Winter

In the winter the Ojibwe would do things such as hunt, catch fish and play in the snow. The women in the winter would sew clothing and make all the food( such as the stuff the men caught or killed while hunting). The elderly women would move the fishing nets and watch the children. A lot of the food the Ojibwe eat is stuff like the fish they catch and deer they kill.