By: Valencia Zamora

Farming Methods for Maya, Inca, and Aztec.

There were many types of way of farming due to their culture and environment. The Mayas farming is called Irrigation farming . They used candles to keep the soil rich and did a thing that was called slash and burn which also helped keep the soil rich for. Next the Incas. The Incas had a method that was called terrace farming terrace farming is when the Incas planted their crops on the side of their steps. They mostly planted corn and potatoes. For the Aztecs They raised gardens beds on lakes which were kind of swampy. That was called Chinampas.



Maynas had gods and they believed in worshiping the gods including sun,rain corn.


The incas had more than one gods. They believed that mountains peaks were their gods.


The aztects worships the sun because they thought that in order for the sun to come up they had to perform rituals.

2 facts about each mesoamerican civilization (maya) (Inca) (aztects)

The mayans were from Southern Mexico, including Belize, Guatemala, EL Salvador, and Honduras. Their pottery and sculpture were made out of wood,bark,feather,and gourds. The incas were very smart they were the first people to successfully preform brain surgery! They had no writing but they created a record system called quipu (knots tied to colored rope of varied sizes.) Now to the aztects they had a very artistic way of farming they raised garden beds on lakes. The aztects had 3 main classes Nobel's, Intermedind, and commoners.