Alan Turing

The Human Enigma


Alan Turing was a computer scientist , mathematician , logician , cryptanalyst and theoretical biologist who was born in 23rd of June 1912 , in London , England . He attended the school of Sherborne and later in his life went to the university of Manchester . He was the one that came up with the idea of algorithm and studied AI (artificial intelligence) and other subjects such as this .

the enigma

As the war was continuing and its end was nowhere to be seen . The government had asked him to attempt to break the German enigma that they used to communicate between bases and to send orders to end the war . In the end of course he did , and I think people don't remember that he was one of the biggest reasons we won the war . He was required to create a machine that taken out the enigma and would also wipe out the signal between bases and to as well decode there communication messages . It was called "the bomb" .

His death

On the 8th of June 1954 , Alan was found dead on his bedroom floor . Scientist say he died of Cyanide poisoning but it is unclear weather it was suicidal or murder. There have been several theories on how he died and we can never be sure which one is true .
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