news update on water


The water cycle

The water cycle is very important to us because it is how water first is



3.Persipertoin off or sokes in

I am also going to tell you the types of condensatoin wich is rain, freezing rain,sleet,snow,or hail and how hail works is that is starts to rain

kind of water

Types of condensation

The types of condensatoin which are rain, freezing rain,sleet,snow, and hail. Hail works when condensation starts but then the wind puts them back in the cloud and makes a mini

tornado inside the clould then it just gets to cold and turns into ice so it get too heavy and fall from the cloud

Solid,liquid,and gas'es

I can't tell you all the solid,liquid,or gas'es so i will describe them thou so a solid is a thing that you try to put it in a cup it wont change it shape.A liquid is the oppessit of a solid so it does change it's shape.A gas is diffrent a gas can go anywere and the cells that they are made of are any where they want. And the
Solid Liquid Gas - They Might Be Giants - official video