The Moon And Tides!

BY Kyla.T. and Elise.H.

What is a tide?

Tides are the daily change in the water level of the ocean.  There are four different kinds of tides, one of those is a high tide.  A high is when most of the beach is covered by water.  There is also a low tide,a low tide is when the beach hardly has any water.  Neap tides occurs when the moon is in a first quarter or third quarter.  When the sun,moon,and earth are in the form of a right angle, the water forms high tides that are smaller then usaul, that is how neap tides are made.  When the sun, moon and earth are in a straight line, a high tide is bigger than usual, this is called a Spring tide.  A spring tide occurs when there is a new moon or a full moon.

Moon Phases

 Do you ever wonder why the Moon changes?  That is only because the Moon rotates around the Sun and Earth.  If the lighted part of the moon is on  the right, it is called a Waxing Moon.  But if the lighted part of the moon is on the left, it is called a Waning Moon.  As you can see in the picture above, there is a Cresent,New Moon,First Quater,Last Quater, and a Full Moon.

How Do The Moon And Tides Relate?

The moon has a gravity force that pulls on the water, to make Tides.  Without the moon we wouldnt have tides.

The Pattern

 As the moon rotates on its axis the high tides follow .   If the high tides are on the sides of the earth then the low tides are on the top and bottom. But when the high tides are on the top and bottom then the low tides are on the sides.

Without The Moon

Without the moon, we would have no tides, and without tides our ocean would be the same level all the time.