HEI in Southwest Asia

By: Erick Near

How are People in Southwest Asia Impacting the Environment?

On land, countries like Saudi Arabia are drilling massive amounts of oil from the Earth, causing heavy ground and air pollution. In water, countries in Southwest Asia are dumping almost all of their garbage into the rivers, causing massive water pollution. The map above shows the hot spots of where this is taking place. The way these two things tie together is that they each massivly pollute the enviorment both on land and in water. The garbage dumping can largely change or completely annihilate the wildlife in the rivers. The over drilling of oil and the accasionable oil spill will massively destroy the enviorment at the rate it's currently going


1. How is Southwest Asia disposing most of their garbage?

A. Land fills

B. Incinerating it

C. Dumping it in rivers

D. Blowing it up

2. Which country is doing most of the garbage dumping and oil drilling?

A. Israel

B. Saudi Arabia

C. Iran

D. Oman