My "Sweet" Summer!

By:Alex Amble

Summer Fun!

In the end of summer I started baking. The first thing I made was a cake then I moved on to cupcakes. I hope to make giant piñata cupcakes soon.The first time I baked was with my mom. We made a red velvet cake, then the second time I made cupcakes by myself. The first time I started baking was at the end of August which was unfortunate because I can't do it as much now that school has started. I didn't have to travel anywhere because I was baking at home. I started to bake because I watched my cupcake addiction a YouTube channel. Then I started watching Cupcake Wars and it didn't take long to become my favorite show! By the time I watched most of the videos I was baking like crazy, and now I love it. Now that I know how to bake, my family plans to have a baking contest on Thanksgiving I'm so excited!

How Science Plays A Big Part In Baking

Baking is related to science because baking includes physical and chemical matter changes. Before a cake goes into the oven it is mixed as a liquid because in the batter everything is a liquid or it will be as you pour it in. Then when you put the cake in the oven for about 23 minutes it's turned into a solid because the oven is hot. When the atoms in an object are mixed with heat and increased vibrations it causes the atoms to spread apart from each other this is an example of physical and chemical matter changes. An important thing about baking is eggs. Adding heat to eggs causes the white proteins to move around. After a lot of heat the proteins are basically gone. Then proteins will start to banished them selves which makes the egg curl up.Because of this if you leave your egg out to long it may become rubbery and cause it to taste bad.

I Wonder?....

1. I wonder if you leave an egg to long in the oven how will it turn out?

2.I wonder what will happen if I leave the cake in the oven on heat how it will bake?

3.I you beat an egg to long what will happen to its structure?

4.If you don't use the ingredient correctly what will happen to the cake?

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