The Legend of Zelda

The Start of Something Great!

Was The Legend of Zelda the start of something great?

The Legend of Zelda, released on February 21, 1986 on the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). It started as a small project of Shigeru Miyamoto The man who brought us Donkey Kong and Super Mario Bros. It really was the start of something great, setting a pace for future games. The Legend of Zelda was the first ever video game to have a save system. Allowing you to save your progress, this was a big deal. The save system is now used in almost every video game to date. At the time of Zelda p.c fighter games were big; so having a brand new game with something no has ever seen before was such a big deal. So I say, yes The Legend of Zelda was the start of something, no not great, amazing. (Start music @ 2:05)

Does Music Effect game play?

Yes, it does. Music has always been a huge part of video games. The Zelda franchise has always been big on music. Koji Kondo conducts most of the songs in the Zelda games. It can effect the way we play video games by making us feel certain feelings while playing. A energetic song will make us want to go on an adventure. A sad song makes feel sympathy for the character.
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Will The Legend continue after Miyamoto dies?

I don't think it will. Miyamoto was the creator, and still is to date. Every Zelda has been great since he has been helping and directing on them. Miyamoto created something great in 1986, I doubt it will stop after he dies. But I feel like they won't be as good.

Where Did The Game's Name Came From?

The game's name came from Miyamoto. Miyamoto is considered the father of modern video games, and that the name's inspiration came from him exploring as a young boy; well "The Legend of.." part did anyway. He said that he always felt like he was on an adventure; exploring the woods around his childhood home. Coming up on lakes and streams just fascinated him. Now the "Zelda" part came from the wife a famous author. F. Scott Fitzgerald, but the name came from his very known wife Zelda Fitzgerald.
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD - Story Trailer (Wii U)
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