Welcome to the country Hugginton

by Anthony Rodriguez and Darrien fedrick and Illyas

Welcome to the country of Hugginton

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The country of Hugginton is a medium-sized Island country that has rivers, mountains, is surrounded by an ocean. We are a country of 30 million people. Our primary language is English, but everyone in school has to has to learn one more language. They can choose French, Arabic, Spanish. Everyone is required to attend school up to the age of 18 for both girls and boys. After the military that person's college is payed for by government. Everyone receives health care. The retirement age is 60 for both boys and girls. The sales tax is 45.7%.

The Six Freedoms

freedom of discrimination

freedom of religion

freedom of speech

freedom of government

freedom of fear

freedom of education

Four things that are illegal





Type of government

Representative democracy because I wanted my people to elect their own leader so they feel safer and that that leader is the right one.

System of government

Federal government because I wanted everyone to have equal power and laws.

Type of Economy

Socialism because I wanted government to be involved but also my people to own their business to afford the taxes.

What are some fun things to do in your country?

  • In Huggintons waterpark resorts, swim with the whales
  • In resort relax
  • shopping
  • Go to Hugginton's theme park
  • Turn up in the famous Hugginton club
  • Have parties