The Mennies Weekly

Lights, Camera, Action...You're a Star at Mennies

Week of Feb. 15

Monday, Feb. 15

  • School Closed

Tuesday, Feb.16

  • Day 5
  • 100th Day of School!

Wednesday, Feb.17

  • Day 1
  • CST Annual Reviews


  • Day 2
  • Fine Arts Club Field Trip

Friday, Feb. 19

  • Day 3
  • Spring Individual Photos Takes
  • Dress for Success Day! Students may wear a special outfit for pictures. NO JEANS!

News You Can Use!

We are looking for basket donations for our Bag Bingo Event on 3/18!

We are SOLD OUT for bingo!

Thanks to Chris Hannah and Nicole Sapello for the Prince and Princess Ball! Thanks to those staff members who volunteered to help out....Darlene Castellini, Lisa P, Lauren Valentine, Lauren Geisser, Sonya Jones, Alexis Cartagena, Danielle Burns, Anita Bertonazzi, Gloria Rivera, Karen Kreck, Laura Sikking.

Words of Wisdom

Not Be Lived Again

History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again.
~ Maya Angelou

History is riddled with horribly unjust periods of time, brutal and inhumane. Ugly historical truths haunt facets of life today. But the importance of teaching about past injustices is that we begin to recognize the beliefs and patterns that created those horrific times in human history. Facing history with honesty allows us to learn from past mistakes and concentrate on learning, loving, and living with hope and peace. So never miss an opportunity to help your students understand the past and how it impacts the present. Those insights will help them shape a better tomorrow for themselves and the world around them.

With something to think about . . .

Happy Birthday!

None this week!

Mark Your Calendar


25-Art Goes to School Gr 2

26-Art Goes to School Gr 4

26-5th Grade Field Trip

26-Safety Dance Gr. 3-5 in APR

29-3rd MP Progress Reports Open

29-2:15, 2:45 Pennies for Patients Assembly in APR

29-March I and RS Referrals Due

29-Progress Report Grading Open


1-10:30 Kindergarten Senior Trip

1-I Can Lick 30 Tigers Day!

2-Fox in Sox Day!

2-10:30 Kindergarten Senior Trip

2-Read Across America Day! Wear red, white, black. Family Night begins 5:30.

3-Crazy Hat Day!

4-Slip into a Good Book Day!

7-Faculty Meeting

8-I and RS Meetings

8-Grand Canyon University here in Fac Room during lunches 1:30-1:30