Schizophrenia- Mental Disorders

2.4 million people are affected yearly by a mental illness


People with personality disorder have trouble dealing with everyday stress in daily activities. These people tend to be non social and don't do well working with other people or in groups and over all socially awkward. Sometimes people diagnosed with a mental disease may not even know it for a majority of his or her life.


Talk therapy is usually the first choice of treatment (unlike some other illnesses where medication is often first.) Generally, treatment involves sessions with a mental health counselor. For therapy to be effective, people must trust their therapist.

Famous People with mental disorders

If you or someone you know is suffering from a mental disease, I would recommend reading "Stop pretending" by Sonya Sones. It tells the story of a family of four and how they stuck together through this hard time. By: Anneliese Bernat