scientific revolution

By:Jamea wilson


The scientific revolution changed the way people thought the universe was. The same spirit of inquiry that fueled the renaissance, led scientists to question the people went from thinking the earth was the center of the universe (geocentric theory) to the sun was the center of the universe (heliocentric theory).And these were the scientists of this time that discovered and proved it all ,Nicolaus Corpernicus,Gallileo Gallilei,and Isaac Newton.

The impact it had on society

The scientific revolution had far reaching effects.Not only did it change what people thought about the universe , the use of the scientific method resulted in discoveries in medicine, physics ,and biology.

the three important scientists

Change evidenced in today's modern society

modern society

In modern society we still use telescopes but more advanced ones.And we also have pictures of the solar system that shows that the planet orbit around the sun not the other way around.scientists also invented rockets for us to go into space to see for our selves what i looks we still use and believe in the same thing just in better way.