A Visit To The Stars

Come and Expore our Amazing Universe

The Amazing Places you will Visit

  • Our moon
  • A Black Hole
  • Saturn
  • Pluto

We will also have some close encounters with

  • Comets
  • Asteroids
  • Nebulae
  • See other Galaxy's
  • Other Planets

We have the safest trips on offer and the latest technology on offer we have a

  • The safest engine that travels at 6000 times the speed of light
  • The most modern air pressure stabilizers
  • The latest temperature stabilizers
  • Luxury seating made of the finest quality leather
  • The safest comet, solar ray and asteroid protection on offer
  • Fire, gas and explosion protection
  • 4 escape pods in case extreme emergency

And the guarantee that you will have the most enjoyable and safest trip on offer

This amazing trip will only cost $9999.99 for an adult and $8999.99 for a child under 12 years!

But hurry this amazing offer is only for 24 people!

Travel INSIDE a Black Hole
National Geographic Live! - Solar System Exploration: 50 Years and Counting

The Itinerary

This amazing trip takes only 4 months

14/6/82 : We take off at the NASA space station to outer space

Day 2: We arrive the famous space resort Nebulae 59, (this is were you will be staying)

Day 3: Resting from the flight

Day 4: Resting from the flight

Day 5: Resting from the flight

Day 6: Resting from the flight

Day 7: Resting from the flight

Week 2: Have a 4 week long visit to the moon

Week 7: go to Saturn, to spent 4 weeks

Week 11: go to the black hole to spend 4 weeks

Week 15: Go to Pluto, to spend 4 weeks

Come home with amazing views