Winnie the Pooh Day!!!!

A day to celebrate our childhood memories!

Join us for the best day ever

Winnie the pooh day is a day that celebrates Winnie the pooh and our childhood memories. Most people curl up with their favorite stuffed animal and watch a marathon of Winnie the pooh to celebrate.


We have been looking for a Literary Holiday for a long time. We found the perfect one for us.................Winnie the pooh Day. This day celebrates our childhood memories and Winnie the pooh.We have some ways that we would like to celebrate it at school we hope that the KISD district will allow it

Some more pics

We hope that you decide to celebrate it. It will be great !!!!!!!!!!!

How to celebrate at school?

  • We can celebrate Winnie the pooh by like bringing our stuff animal and go in the gym for like a hour and watch episodes and sit with our stuff animals.
  • We could also make wear pj's and bring your blanket and pillows
  • We can also maybe even go up on stage and put it in our words and describe Winnie the pooh in our own word.
  • We can walk in the hallways with our stuffed animals. We can listen to the theme song.


By: Devyn Willis, Kylee Colon, Reanna Holmes