We Wonder...

Have you ever been at a loss for the answer when a child asks you how something works or why some things are the way they are? Do you ever need a resource to help pique the interests of your students? If you said yes, then Wonderopolis is the perfect app for you and your class!

Here are a few examples of what you may find:

  • Can germs live in outer space?
  • How does a calculator work?
  • What is medicine made from?

For each "wonder" there is usually a video and/or image that goes along with it. In the event there is a YouTube video, you can show it to your students by signing in to the RSS filter and turning off Safe Search in YouTube.

Directly beneath the video there is an article that students can read OR LISTEN to about the topic. The article contains the "Wonder Words," or vocabulary words that are important to the article. These Wonder Words are also listed to the right of the article and if you hover over them, the definition of the word will be revealed.

Other items listed (on the right side of the page) on the Wonder of the Day, also include:

  • TRY IT OUT - Activities that students can do that coincide with the Wonder Topic.
  • STILL WONDERING? - Links to other appropriate sites that coincide with the Wonder Topic.
  • TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE - A quiz on the content of the article! Students can even take this before they read, then after, to compare scores!
  • WONDER WHAT'S NEXT? - Gives students the topic for tomorrow's Wonder of the Day!
  • JOIN THE DISCUSSION - Students can post a comment about the Wonder of the Day as well as read other comments from students around the globe. They can just use their Gaggle email address for the required email field.

If you are studying a specific topic, you can even SEARCH Wonders by keying in specific topics in the search bar within the website! Try searching "Christmas" and see just how many wonders there are!!

Click here for a great resource and teacher's guide for using Wonderopolis in the classroom.

How do you get the badge?

To earn your Wonderopolis Badge for your iPad Challenge, simply complete the following:

1. Choose a wonder to share with your students.

2. Take a photo with your iPad of you OR your students completing an activity that goes along with the Wonder of the Day you chose.

3. Send the photo via email to me as well as the NUMBER of the wonder you shared with your students. The number always follows the title of the Wonder of the Day question.

By the Way...

Wonderopolis is what our morning news crew uses for our Wonder Wednesday segments. Maybe you can start your own Wonder Wednesdays in your classroom, or...

Make a Wonder Wall! Create a space in your room where students can post the things they wonder about and let that guide research and class projects. Click here or here to see a couple examples of this.