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Article written by: Becca I & Christa K.

A ribosome is

  • a particle composed of protein and ribonucleic acid.
  • a molecule that consists of 2 subunits that fit together
  • can be found on the endoplasmic reticulum. (Rough)
(Imagine you have bag with skittles and water. The water would be the cytoplasm and the skittles would be the nucleus and ribosomes).


Ribosome Has Broken Into 2 Pieces!

Did you know that a ribosome doesn't consist of 1 piece?! It consists of 2! There are 2 subunits. The largest subunit is 60-S and the smallest subunit is 40-S. In an interview with Mr. Ribo Ribosome we asked him questions that everyone was dying to know!

Becca I: Mr Ribosome, is it true that you split into 2 pieces.

Mr. Ribosome: I don't like to brag but... yes, yes it's true.

Christa K: Mr. Ribosome, people have said that you prefer one size subunit over the other. Is this true?

Mr. Ribosome: Well, of course I love them both. I enjoy the 60-S because its on the larger scale. But I also care for the 40-S. It may not be as big but it is just as important to me as the 60-S, Christa.

Becca I: What do these parts do to produce proteins?

Mr. Ribosome: Well, when the cell that I live in needs protein mRNA is created in the nucleus the mRNA is then sent into me and the cell. Many things need protein.. You people should know that. When it is time to make the protein, the 2 subunits come together and combine with the mRNA.

Christa K: So you are saying that you are the most important, correct?

Mr. Ribosome: Correct. When it is time to make the protein, the 2 subunits come together and combine with the mNRA. The subunits lock into the mRNA and start the protein synthesis. Does that sound important to you?

Christa K: Yes! Very important.

Mr. Ribosome: This interview was grand but I must excuse myself. I sense that I will be splitting in 2 soon.

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