Kristallnacht 75th Anniversary

Commemmoration & Shabbat Service

On the 5th of Kislev in 1938, Nazi anti-Semitic propaganda manifested in an organized, violent pogrom across Germany and Austria in which hundreds of synagogues, along with their Torahs and books, were burnt and destroyed. The night of broken glass began the murderous physical assault on Jewish life in Europe that we now know as the Holocaust. The attempt to wipe it out, along with its vibrant culture and music, ultimately failed. We, and the music, live on.

Join Congregation Sukkat Shalom for a special Shabbat service with Rabbi Gordon and Cantorial Soloist Adam Davis, joined by our full choir under the direction of Michael Querio. This Friday, the 5th of Kislev 2013, is the 75th Anniversary of Kristallnacht, and our evening worship pays tribute to Germany's vibrant Jewish culture prior to 1938.

We will honor that community’s past, survival and renewal using the great liturgical music of the German synagogue of composers such as Emil Dworzan (Laupheim), Julius Freudenthal (Brunschweig), Louis Lewandowski (Berlin), Samuel Lampel (Leipzig), Salomon Sulzer (Vienna) and Kurt Weill (Dessau). Please join us.

Friday, Nov. 8th 2013 at 7:30-9:30pm

1001 Central Avenue

Wilmette, IL

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