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November 2015


Earlier in the year MBIE announced that the current requirements for the LBP skills maintenance scheme are set to change. These changes come into effect on 2nd November,
at which point LBP’s will start a gradual transition to the new skills maintenance scheme. The new framework moves away from an entirely points—based system to a new ‘mixed model’ approach with the aim of promoting more meaningful and relevant learnings for LBP’s.
Key details to the changes include:

· Completing both Compulsory and Elective activities

· You still have two years to complete all activities

· Reading LBP Knowledge articles in Codewords

· Complete a quiz after each article

· On-the-job learning is now compulsory

· Elective activities

· Each hour of relevant elective activity = one LBP point. Minimum points required has halved.

· You will transfer to the new scheme once you have completed your skill requirements under the current scheme. You then transfer to the new scheme.

· Auditing—each year a number of LBP will have their skills maintenance records audited

The new scheme is to promote meaningful learning - full article in Building Business

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November Price Increases

Rinnai – 3% on Products

Marley NZ – 2 – 9% on all products

IBS- 1.5 – 5 % on all products

Pudney & Lee – 9% on all products

Paslode – 5.3% on all products

PSP – 10% on all products

Wholesafe – 5% on basic consumables to 15% on more specialised items

Weiss- 6% on all products

Heirloom – 2.5 to 38%

Monaco – 5 – 22.2% on products

Patience & Nicholson – 5 to 9%