Role Playing Games

Stuart Robertson

Hi welcome to my blog, I’m Darkblade 115 and I am going to talk about Roleplaying Games, also known as RPG. Most RPGs have a fixed setting like apocalypse or fantasy. There are a lot of games in these settings. There are 2 types of RPGs, there are J RPGs and W RPGs, these are not much different, just the style of game and characters. There are too many types of RPG to count. Most people’s favourite is Fallout, which is a sci-fi nuclear apocolypse, and Skyrim where you kill dragons, and take their soul.

Now moving on to game recommendations for a RPG fan.

  • Skyrim is a big open world full of stuff to and become the dragonborn.

  • Fallout - a nuclear apocalypse where you chose your path.

  • Dark souls 2 is a game where you will die a lot because it is a hard game, but it is very fun

  • South Park The Stick of Truth is a funny game which is perfect for South Park fans who like RPG

  • Final fantasy x turn base rpg - great story fun gameplay.

  • Borderlands 2 a short game with perks and lot and lot loot

  • Oblivion - is good game it takes time get used to it.

  • Deus ex human revolution sc-fi punk game where you can pick your style of playing.

  • Enchanted Arms - a turn based rpg slow to start not very good translation.

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