Jonathan Gualbrto

Sales and Marketing Work

Tax Analyst Intern

In the period between June-October 2013, Jonathan Gualberto worked as a tax analyst intern/contractor with Boca Raton-based Tyco. His duties were mainly in the areas of income tax, sales tax, and property tax. Through the internship, Jonathan was able to obtain valuable industry experience as a member of the team, and hopes to one day make use of that experience in a successful career in finance.

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Jonathan Gualberto: Soccer Fan

Jonathan Gualberto grew up a soccer fan, which was almost a given seeing as he was brought up in soccer-mad country that is Brazil until the age of 14. Referred to as the “beautiful game,” soccer is by far the world’s most favorite sport. Indeed, the soccer World Cup, held after every four years, is a global event that attracts millions of viewers worldwide, with only the Olympics second to it in terms of viewership.

As a fan in Brazil, Jonathan Gualberto came to love local side Cruzeiro Esporte Clube, popularly referred to as simply Cruzeiro. The club is one of Brazil’s most accomplished sides, having won the country’s premier club league in consecutive seasons (2013, 2014), and is among five clubs in Brazil to never have been relegated to the second tier of the football league. It also happens to be one of Brazil’s richest soccer clubs, generating millions of dollars in revenue while producing world-class players who have gone on to represent the country in international competition.

For Jonathan Gualberto, the love of soccer is as a result of many factors. First, the passion exhibited by soccer fans at a match is unrivaled. Fans shout and sing for almost the entire 90-minute duration of the game, which adds to the intensity of the play on the pitch.

Second, soccer players are some of the fittest athletes in sports. While basketball and American football players are certainly renowned for their speed, power and agility, playing soccer is no jog in the park, and the fitness levels required to compete at the highest levels is phenomenal.

Third, soccer is a game of strategy, says Gualberto. Players have to move the ball with skill and strategy, creating space and positioning themselves right in order to score goals.

Jonathan Gualberto - Love of Reading

Beyond studying the required material for his Master of Business Administration, Jonathan Gualberto is an avid reader. He plans on becoming a financial analyst when he graduates in December 2015, and to prepare for that career, he’s kept in touch with business practices and lessons as written by professionals and industry leaders of the business world.

One of Jonathan Gualberto’s favorite books is “Big Secret for the Small Investor” by Joel Greenblatt. Among other things, the book is a gem for individuals looking for insights into successful long term investment strategies. Another of Jonathan’s good reads is “The Millionaire Mind” by Dr. Thomas J. Stanley. The book was written as a study of America’s wealthy and provides readers with entrepreneurial dreams with the ideas, beliefs and behaviors that has led the financial elite to long-term success.

Aside from finance-related material, Jonathan Gualberto also likes to read material that is engaging and useful to general life issues. Among his favorites in this category are “Eat, Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert, “Blue Ocean Strategy” by W. Chan Kim, and “Super System” by Doyle Branson, which is considered one of the most insightful books on poker ever written.

Jonathan Gualberto’s love for reading is evident in the grades he maintains in school. At the undergraduate level, he maintained a GPA of 3.2, while at the master’s level, he has maintained the same at 3.3. Earning good grades requires a significant dedication to reading, something Jonathan evidently does with ease.