The Boy Who Dared

By: Susan Campbell Bartoletti


This book is a true story about a boy named Helmuth Hübener and his challenges he runs into and has to face alone. There are different parts in the book that explains two lifestyles that Helmuth lived in. The two life styles were in the Plötzensee Prison and at home with his family. He lived with his family during the war and around 1940 he gets taken from his family and was forced to go to prison. He doesn't like being there because he has to live. It is hard to live on Tuesdays because the executioner works on Tuesday and you would never know if you were the one who would get taken to be executed or live to see tomorrow. At his home he doesn't like what Hitler is doing to Germany. If you want to find out what happens to Helmuth during his time at Plötzensee Prison and at home Find out in The Boy Who Dared.

Theme/authors lesson

The theme is courage and standing up for your beliefs no matter on what your religion or race is.

Historical information

This story is about Helmuth Hübener and his years in school and his first job after graduation. Helmuth and a group of friends including Karl-Hienz Schnibbe, Rudolf Wobbe, and Gerhard Duwer, monitored banned radio broadcasts, in which the Allied Powers gave an accurate portrayal of the war in Europe. Their activities were discovered by a co-worker of Helmuth's at the Bieberhaus and they were turned into the Gestapo (kind of like an officer), where Helmuth was interrogated, beaten, and arrested for what was considered treason.
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Let it be known

On 11 August, 1942, the People's Court sentenced 17-year-old Helmuth Hübener of Hamburg, to being stripped of his citizen's rights,and in addition, to death, because of his tremendous support to the enemy. His execution has been carried out today, the 27th of October, by the order of the chief attorney general of the People's Court.

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