Deadly Digital Devices

Severe Distractions

Your Phone Could Ruin Your Life

Phones aren't any better than sitting on the beach listening to the waves, but they are a serious issue. Phones are becoming an digital distraction 1 in 3 people die from crossing a road while focused on their phone. It's not helping time wise either almost 53 hours are spent looking at a screen per week!

Too Many Phones

Do You Think Digital Distraction is a Big Issue For Today?

No, I do not think that the digital distraction is a big issue for today but I really do think that it will become one if we don't do anything about it. "people like you are at high risk for distraction related accidents and the constant presence technology in your life is causing other problems too." " Are these just jitters about a changing world? Many experts are saying no, that today's tech is significantly different than the technology of the past."

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How Will This Article Change My Cell Phone Usage?

This article will help change my cell phone usage because it gives me reasons to stop carrying my phone everywhere I go and now I will know what these devices really do to me. From now on I will understand how much my phone is hurting me. I will be able to get off the couch and my phone and go out and enjoy the world!