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Tech Tips & Tricks from Shantel - Vol. 3

October 10, 2018

Hilde Dash - Campus Dashboard

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Do you ever have an assignment or project in mind but don't know the best tool to use for the final product? Here is a great RESOURCE to help you find the best tech tool to use for your upcoming assignments and/or projects.

Free premium access to PearDeck

We're giving away an extended 90-day Pear Deck Premium trial. Here's the link that you can include in your presentation and share:


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Craving Additional Fonts in Google Docs? → Extensis Font

Extensis Font → allows you to access the Google Fonts Collection from a panel on the right-hand side of your screen.

Open a Google Doc > Add-ons > type “Extensis Font” in the search bar > click “Free” > go back to the Google Doc > Add-ons > Start > ENJOY!

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Google Roadmap and Schoology 1, 2, and 3 classes start again this Friday!

Are you ready for your 2018 Digital Learning Road Trip? Online learning classes are back! Choose your starting point and personalize your path in Google and Schoology to target opportunities for growth and to drive student learning.

Courses run October 12-26. See the class descriptions HERE, and register in Eduphoria.


During the SAMR Training SAMR Crush was introduced! An awesome tech challenge board to help you incorporate or level up with tech..make sure that your PLC sets a SAMR goal for the semester.

Whether it's using the board or not make sure that your PLC sets a goal above S &A and implements a lesson. The challenge board can help you, but is by no means all that you can do!

I will check in with PLCs to see what goals you guys have set to grow with tech. Remember to swim laps with tech, all the levels are fine just make sure you move through them.

SAMR Crush will be starting soon, so be ready to play! Let's crush it!

Tech For HQT Goals

Are you trying to find some tech tools that will help you meet your HQT goals?? Check out this document to find a tech tool that meets your HQT goal!

Looking to zhoosh up your presentations?

Here is a choice board filled with options on creating presentations!

Great to use on projects, plcs, trainings, etc.

Choice Board of Creative Presentation Options

ClassroomQ is a simple, easy-to-use website for teachers to keep a digital log of students needing assistance. It cuts down on students sitting with their hand raised, waiting for the teacher. They simply log onto the website with the classroom code, enter their name, and request help. Then, they can continue working, knowing that the teacher is aware of their request, and no class time is wasted!

The teacher sees a running log of who needs help, and doesn't have to worry about who raised their hand first... it's right there on the screen!

I could also see this being used when you have student-helpers who can assist other students. Lots of ways to use ClassroomQ in your classroom, and it's SUPER quick and easy to set up!

A Brief Overview...


A 5 Minute Intro & Tutorial



We're seven weeks into the school year, and I'm sure that we could all use a bit of nothingness to clear out heads! Just relax and listen to the waves. Don't touch your keyboard or mouse... or you'll get the dreaded TRY AGAIN message!


With parents now having access to your Schoology classes, feel free to direct them to our district resource site (kisd.us/ParentSchoology) as well as the help email account set up to offer assistance (schoology@kleinisd.net).

Please make sure that your courses have an updated banner, instructional content aligned with your learning objectives, and grade books synced to Skyward.

Keep in mind that if you are including instructional content coming from Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, etc. in your courses, parents will not be able to view the files unless you set the Sharing rights in Google to Anyone with the Link can view (not Anyone at Klein ISD with the link can view).

Lastly, if you want to preview your course as a parent within the Schoology portal, please check out this VIDEO.

InsertLearning → Make ANY Website A Learning Experience

Install the InsertLearning Chrome extension and easily turn any webpage into an interactive lesson. InsertLearning can help you deliver digital content to your students and also provide data to help you guide instruction.

The extension allows anyone to take any online content (including content that you might have on a published Google Doc) and insert annotations, sticky notes, open-ended or multiple choice questions, and discussion forums. When students go to that website, they can respond to those questions and discussions and take their own notes. Teachers then go to their IL Teacher Dashboard, select the class & lesson, then view and grade student work.
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Check out these resources below:

InsertLearning + Schoology Page


TCCA 2018

TCCA 2018 registration is still open! This is a FREE conference hosted at Davis High School in Aldine ISD on Saturday, October 20 from 7:00 AM - 3:30 PM.

TCCA is the largest FREE Ed Tech Conference in Texas with over 200+ sessions offered and 80+ tech industry vendors! Our very own Dr. Champion is rumored to be participating in a superintendent panel that day so we need to show our Klein ISD support and did I mention it’s FREE?? And they give you a FREE lunch! And they give you FREE door prizes like monitors, scanners, Chromebooks, printers, etc…there’s literally nothing to lose!

All you have to do is REGISTER!

Our very own TAMMY CRANNIE will be presenting Pear Deck! Woot Woot!!

TCCA 2018

Saturday, Oct. 20th, 7am-3:30pm

12525 Ella Boulevard

Houston, TX

Click the link to learn more about the Technology and Curriculum Conference of Aldine

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