All About Me

Taylor Cunningham

My full name is Taylor Denise Cunningham. I have lived in Huntsville for 13 years. I was born in Houston, Tx on April 11, 1997. I currently live at home with mom and dad at home, but I have 3 older siblings. I have two brothers and one sister. My sister, Winnie is 16 years older than me. She recently graduated from medical school at A&M and is working at LBJ as an OBGYN. My sister is the most important and influential person to me. If I'm not at school or at home I'm most likely doing something that has to do with volleyball. I've played volleyball for about 6 years. Volleyball is my favorite hobby.

Favorite Hobby

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Favorite Animal

Ever since I was little I've wanted a baby chimpanzee. I think they're the cutest animals in the world. When I went on a cruise I got to hold one and it gave me a kiss on the cheek. I definitely didn't want to give up the little chimp after that. I just think they're so adorable.

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Not So Favorite Memory

You know how you sometimes see really little kids running around with a cast? Well I was one of those kids. When I was about 3 I started going to Faith Luthern and everyday we'd go out to recess. One day this little boy decided to push me off of the slide because I was taking to long to slide down. I fell and landed on my arm but I got back up and started playing, Later that day we went out for Mexican food and my mom noticed I wasn't really using my left arm that much. She took me to the doctor the next day and they said that I fractured the bone in my lower arm.(I don't remember the name of the bone) After that I walked around with a green cast for about 6 weeks. I remember that so well because it was the first and only time I've broken a bone.