Presented by: Devon Lee


Brian boards a plane to go visit his dad for the summer. His plane crashes over the Canadian forest. He has to survive till help arrives.


  1. Brian-the main character that crashes over Canada and must survive.
  2. Brian's mom- Brian's mom
  3. Brian's dad- Brian's dad

Character Analysis for Brian

Trait 1: Crafty

Evidence- He can make a lot of things from stuff that he finds in the woods, a hatchet, and a shoestring.

Trait 2: Smart

Evidence: He learns how to kill fish, kill birds, and make a fire. He also learns how to make stuff like a door for his camp, a pond for fish, a spear, and a bow and arrow.


"The most important rule of survival was that feeling bad for your self does not work."

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Theme of Hatchet

Never give up. Brian fails many times at a lot of things, but he does not give up and he eventually gets it, and he ends up surviving on his own for 54 days

Important Event: The Plane Crash

This is when the plane Brian is in crashes over Canada and he must start surviving on his own for many days with no rescue.


I recommend this book for everyone. It is a very good book that i think anyone of any age would enjoy.