Miss Hawthorne's Kindergarten


Fall Festival!!

The Fall festival is tomorrow form 10:30-2:30!!! I hope to see you all there for lots of games and fun!!!

What we learned in Class this week!!

-This week in Kindergarten we learned all about the letters G and J

-We learned about Dictionaries. How they work and how we can use them. We worked on our own Dictionaries

-We learned about spiders and how they are different form insects.

-We learned all about positional words

-We practiced writing our numbers

-We learned how to count by tens

-We learned how to place objects in order form largest to smallest

-We learned about Christopher Columbus

-We learned about the world

What to work on at home!!

Home work goes home every Tuesday and Thursday. Tuesdays are literacy and Thursdays are Math.

Review Sight words- A, The, an, here, is, I, see, and, we, he, she, big, have, small, it, no, this, down, go, up, you, what, who,

-We will add five sight words a week. please make sure your child can recognize all words by sight.

Counting to 100 by 1's and 10's

Alphabet recognition- Please make sure to practice letter naming with your child. it should be both upper and lower case letters.

Writing their names using 1 capital letter i.e Jessica

Remember you should only be spending twenty minuets a night on homework. You do not have to do every activity everyday!

Please spend an additional 20 minuets reading with your child every night.