by Jonas


The Inuit are very good at surviving in the arctic.They can make shelter in every place.The Inuit can also make food.The Inuit are nomads so they travel were food is.The Inuit can travel for months with out finding a single piece of food.


The Inuit eat fish,whales,seals,walrus,polar bears, and moose.The Inuit used whale and seal fat or blubber to make light.The seal was a very important source of food for the Inuit to survive.The hunters shared food with everybody in the area.That is a little bit about food


The Inuit made homes of ice blocks in the winter,they were called igloos.An igloo is a dome with a have a half tube like entrance.In the summer the Inuit made houses out of moss,sot and twigs.That is a little bit about shelter.


The Inuit made clothing out of seals,whales and moose.The Inuit made boots out of fur but they put seal blubber on the inside so its less cold.The Inuit also made the parka,the parka is a warm coat the Inuit use.That is a little bit about clothing.


The Inuit used sleds and boats for transportation,but now they use helicopters,snowmobiles and boats.The Inuit used two kinds of boats the kayak and the umiak.The umiak was used for hunting whales and narwhals.The Inuit used the kayak for hunting fish,seals and walrus. The Inuit used two kinds of sleds,the frame sled and the plank sled.the frame sled and the plank sled were for hunting trips in the winter.That is a little bit about transportation.


The Inuit live in upper Canada,the top of Alaska and the bottom half of Greenland.the in Inuit live in a cold and icy climate.they have no trees or plants.the Inuit also live on ice and snow.the arctic is a cold dry desert.In the winter the weather is cold,icy and windy.In the summer the arctic has less wind and ice.That is a little bit about geography.
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