Epidemic Typhus

Marci U.

Epidemic Typhus

Death. Disease. Cruel Sickness. These are all characteristics of Epidemic Typhus. Epidemic Typhus is a serious type of typhus spread by the human body louse. There are many symptoms to this deadly disease.

What is Epidemic Typhus?

Epidemic Typhus is spread by human bodies louse. Crowding, uncleanliness, and human misery, going on during wartime, help the transfer of lice from one human to another, which is a cause of Typhus. Epidemic Typhus was common at lots of Nazi Concentration camps. Avoiding dirty crowds is very important!

Symptoms of Epidemic Typhus.

Some symptoms of Epidemic Typhus are chills, confusion, cough, high fever, low blood pressure, rash that begins on the chest and spreads to the rest of the body,(except the palms and soles of the feet), severe muscle pain, and stupor. An early rash will be a light rose color, when you press on it, it will fade. The rash will become dull and will not fade. If people have sever Epidemic Typhus, they might develop small areas that are bleeding.
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Conclusion Paragraph

There are many symptoms to this deadly disease. Now you know what Epidemic Typhus is and what the symptoms are. Death. Disease. Cruel Sickness. This could mean that you have Epidemic Typhus.

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