S.T.E.M Class

By: Mauldin Mendez

building a cardboard chair

One of our first project was a cardboard chair.Our team had different ideas but all of our ideas fail.Our prototype was very good but our final product was an OK.Our prototype was different then our final product.Our team member was Mauldin,Kyle,Hunter,DJ.All of us did different job to complete a final product.

cup stacking

Our next project was the cup stacking.We need 6 cup,rubber band,and string.We need to stack all the cup into a pyramid.We had 4 team but when we finish to stack all the cup we change team.We did it 2 time without talk and talk it was pretty hard the first time but the second time it was easy.

tennis ball challenge

Our next project was the tennis ball challenge.We had 5 straws,tape,4 big sticks,and 10 little sticks.We need to make tower so it can hold the tennis ball.We did our but we had so left over.Our team member was Mauldin,Kyle,and Paige.It was hard but we find a way to hold the tennis ball.

The Engineer

A engineer is the application of mathematics, empirical evidence and scientific, economic, social, and practical knowledge in order to invent, design, build, maintain, research, and improve structures, machines, tools, systems, components, materials, and processes.All the work we did it was an engineer that called construction.A construction is a person that build things so all things we is construction.A construction does solving for problem,build things,and work all day.