Gifted Students

How can we help them?

Gifted Students at North Gwinnett Middle School

At North Gwinnett, we aim to set the standard for excellence in education by preparing students to be academically independent thinkers, life-long learners, and leaders in the global community. Gifted students comprise a large portion of our students. We need to understand how to reach them and push them to excel in their areas of strength.


Students are usually tested for the gifted program in 1st or 3rd grade due to COGAT and IOWA testing. Students can be referred to the program by parents, teachers ,and peers. There are different assessments used to determine eligibility into the program. Students must score in the top 96% on testing. From there, students are tested in Creativity and Motivation. Students must be eligible in 3 out of 4 categories that are considered indicators of giftedness or score in the 99% .

Ideas for Extensions

Gifted students need specific education targets similar to special needs students. Not all gifted students have the same levels or academic skills, creativity, or motivation in every content area. Teachers need to be able to use all available resources in teaching gifted students. Below are some links through the national organization from each content area related to teaching gifted students.





Gifted Students' Parents

Parents need to know that having a gifted student does certainly have its advantages but can also be challenging. Many gifted students are usually segregated by their classmates. This is because the gifted student tends to not fit in with the class because their thinking is on a higher level. This also causes social issues because the gifted student cannot relate to his /her peers because the thinking is more mature. The gifted student may not know how to deal with this which can lead to emotional issues. It is important to include them in social situations and group work.