A Month Of Giving

As you saw in the flyer last week, we will spend the next month as a school, trying to collect items to get us in the spirit of the giving season. It's a great time to help us teach our children that giving helps others as well as makes us feel good. This week we are collecting your gently used books. I know at our house we have 100's of books I have bought, or been given between 2 kids and 10 years. Go through and gather what you have outgrown and send them in. At the end of the week your child will get to choose a book to keep as well. Each week will bring a new week of giving so please check the calendar that was sent home, or the behavior sheet each monday will list that weeks giving.

Family Turkey Project

The kids have loved bringing in their turkeys and sharing them with the class! I have loved seeing all of the creativity and family involvement! Their smiles are huge when they share them and the kids get so excited to see everyones. Thank you for helping them with this! I know we loved doing it at my house. (except when my daughter dropped the glitter)

Story Elements

We are continuing to spend time on story elements. Last week we finished up the versions of The Three Bears. The students did their own story element template independently. They did an excellent job drawing the character, setting, problem and solution. These are hanging in our hallway right now. This week we are working on different versions of Three Little Pigs.

CVC-Consonant, Vowel, Consonant

During our daily phonics lessons, we have been working on short vowel sounds. We are listening for the short vowel in the CVC word, and writing it. Words such as c-u-p. We say the word, then tap the sounds, then write the sounds. This is a great thing to practice at home at night. Give them one word from each vowel and have them tap it and write it. Write in flour, shaving cream, markers etc to make it fun. Examples such as hat, pet, tub, pod, tip. In one of our intervention buckets at WIN time, we were working on making words after they saw the word on the picture.
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Tornado Drill

Last week had our second tornado drill. Because we have windows in our room, we exit our room and go across the hallway to an interior classroom where we get in "duck and cover" position and wait patiently.
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We finished topic 4 last Friday. We have now started topic 5 which will be numbers to 20. This will look like a group of ten and some extras on a ten frame.


During writing last week we began trying to use a who and what in our writing. The students were choosing characters and writing about what the character in the story did. We also write about the character and the reaction they had. While working on this, we still focused on punctuation, spacing, sight words and letters sounds when tapping our words. The kids are getting pretty good about using upper case letters at the beginning of their story, or after a punctuation mark. Its important the kids are spelling our sight words correctly in writing.