Holifield Happenings

January 22, 2015

Upcoming Events

Jan. 27 (Tues) - Celebration of Learning (9:45-10:05)

Jan. 30 (Fri) - Dr. Doug

Feb. 3 (Tues) - Beta Club

Feb. 6 (Fri) - Moms Make a Difference

Feb. 9 (Mon) - School Board Meeting @ HWES (Trash Can Band performing)

Feb. 11 (Wed) - Spanish test & Early Release (11:40)

Feb. 12 (Thurs) - PTO Spirit Night at Moe's

Feb. 16 (Mon) - No School for students (Professional Development for teachers)

Feb. 17 (Tues) - Beta Club

Feb. 20 (Fri) - Birthday Book Lunch & Black History Program (1;40)

Life Skill of the Month

In January, I will be looking for students that display Empathy throughout the week. One student will be chosen each week. In addition to a certificate, that child will be entered into a drawing to earn a slushy from the cafeteria. They will also earn the right to wear the Hero cape from our classroom around the school for the next week.

This week's emphasis is Caring and Compassionate.


Your child is instructed to write assignments and reminders in their agenda each day. A lot of the time the same things are recorded each day and those things happen on the same day of each week. However, there are also frequent adjustments. It came to my attention today that some students that I observe writing in their agenda each day don't actually look at the agenda once they get home.

Some students came to school today without a simple "have a conversation with your parents about this" assignment completed. When asked why, they told me that they forgot...because they didn't look at the agenda to see the reminder. :-( It seems that this isn't an isolated incident. I'm not sure who is and is not using their agenda correctly, but this is a habit that they need to develop. It will be critical next year and the years to come. Please help your child with this at home if you are not sure that it is happening.

ELA & Social Studies

We will finish our DBQ next week by writing the final essay. We will go over the rubric on Monday.

Caesar's English

Please help your child make a habit of reviewing daily for Caesar's English. Quizlet offers a fun way to do this and I have it linked directly on my webpage. I update it each week with the new words/stems.

I have been impressed with how well your children have done up to this point, but it is really getting challenging and I can see the stress on some children's faces while they take the quiz. They want to do as good as they have in the past, but the memorization doesn't come as easily now that we have 75 words and/or stems. We have 5 more lessons left. Let's finish strong!


The children will have their next Spanish test on February 11th. Please see the forwarded email from Senora Dickson to know what will be covered on that test. I know that she also has study tools on her webpage.

Social Studies & Science

We are picking up the pace in Social Studies and Science. If your child is more "social," they may soon become stressed by deadlines. I have been stressing this week the need to maximize their morning work time as well as any free moment they find in class. We should be ready for the Early Colonies test by next Wednesday or Thursday. Please keep an eye out for that date by Monday.