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With techniques like SMO and PPC advertising, get ready to lead the race

newspapers, on radio and distributing brochures, flyers and more such promotional materials. However, with internet came in many new ways of promotion that were more focused on result generation with increased effectiveness. Search engine optimization is one such effective tool that helps in getting any business high page rankings on major search engines, which are believed to be the most favorite platforms among customers today.

Social media optimization, a relatively new practice in SEO helps in promoting businesses on platforms, where most customers are present at any given time of the day. Social networks like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and more have turned into the potential platforms for generating returns and interacting with customers. Thus, remaining active on such podiums seems imperative to acquire an edge in the competition.

Yet another technique that has become very popular today is PPC advertising, which is a more advanced technique and is based on the pay per click concept, where users click on the ads posted on different websites and revenue is generated for the website owner. The most popular tool used for this is the Google Adsense where more clicks mean increased income that is paid in the U.S. currency.