By: Easton Perkins


Fraud- Is intentional deception for gain.

Explanation and Examples of Fraud

Fraud is a type of digital communication that is intentionally used by users to get gain form other users by using deception in their own identity.

Examples of this would be:

1. Phishing and smishing- This is where someone sets up a fake email account or any other important communication tool to try and get private information from you.

2. Retail/Auction Fraud- When you buy something online, but you don't receive the product.

3. Work at home Fraud- When someone offers you a job online to work at home, but to get the job you have to give some personal information.

How to aviod fraud from happing to you!

1. Don't reply to any site or email that asks for your personal information

2.Research about the jobs that you want to apply for and make sure that they are what they say they are.

3. Don't do it if it looks to good to be true.

4. Research more about fraud to become more knowledgeable about when it can happen and what from it can take place in.

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